Sunday, March 17, 2013

Milk And Honey Mousse Cake



My daughter, Kate, had her 23rd birthday last Tuesday. We went to Ixtapa Cantina in Lunenburg to celebrate. The food was excellent, the Margaritas tasty, but desserts were the usual Mexican  restaurant fare: flan, fried ice cream, and sopapillas. No problem, because we had a birthday cake waiting at home.

Kate wanted something different for a cake and she is a tough critic. On my way home from an appointment in Concord, I drove past Idylwilde Farms, a farm stand in Acton, Massachusetts. They had a Milk and Honey Mousse Cake which was so darn cute I had to get it. The cake was made from vanilla cake layers with a chocolate mousse filling made with rum and honey. The cake was covered with a chocolate ganache frosting and decorated with honey bees. The wings were made from slivered almonds. Everyone loved the cake and it made a sweet ending to a pleasant evening.


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    1. I can say it was definitely delicious. There was a touch of honey to the taste of it. Even my picky son, who likes his chocolate straight up, liked the cake.


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