Sunday, March 3, 2013

I Declare It’s Spring!



I am looking out the window and I can see patches of bare ground (ignore those occasional snow flakes  you see falling, they are winter’s last attempt to intimidate us). My Meyer Lemon has decided to blossom.  Just one blossom, but it is a start! My onion seeds have sprouted and are under the grow light. I actually saw the sun several times last week. Daylight Savings Time is next weekend.  In just a few weeks I will be starting broccoli, pepper and tomato seeds. Sure sounds like spring to me, so I declare winter is over. Thank goodness, it was not the worst winter we have seen but certainly was not a convivial, Santa Claus type of winter. Good riddance and welcome spring.


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  1. Luckily I don't feel too upset as our summer seems to be happy to continue into Autumn this year.


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