Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Poor Gardening Weather



It is not very good weather for gardening today. 25 inches at 9 AM this morning and supposed to snow until at least 7 PM tonight.




It is even poorer barbeque weather. That’s my poor Weber kettle being engulfed by drifting snow.




While it is a monochrome world outside, it is warm and toasty inside.





Color will have to be provided by the seed catalogs. The storm is giving me a day off work and the chance to finalize my seed orders. To add some more color to the process, I loaded the pen with Noodler’s Apache Sunset ink for an in-your-face color addition and reminder of summer days. So I’m happy. I have my seed catalogs, a warm fire, and a glass of Cabernet. Just hope power stays on long enough for me to post this. Everyone stay safe.


  1. Poor gardening weather, that's an understatement! I envy all that precipitation, even if it is frozen, nary a trace of rain here since December. Stay warm!

  2. Put down the wine and go get more wood, and while you're at it, clean the stove glass.

  3. Ahh...I can just feel the warm heat coming off that wood stove. I don't know what it is but a nice fire always feels better when it's storming outside....together with those seed catalogues, sounds like the perfect day to me! I have my fingers crossed that you are still toasty & your power is on.

  4. Wishing you warmth and safety in the days ahead ... so good to have the woodstove for emergency heat (or cooking). Happy thoughts of gardening days ahead.

  5. Oooh, thankfully the storm gave us rain and not snow. I hope you won't have to do too much digging. Enjoy those seed catalogs!

  6. We haven't had weather as dramatic as that here, but I fear it may be quite a while before you or I sow any seeds (outdoors, at least)!


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