Monday, December 30, 2013

My Meyer Lemon Crop



This is New England and it is December. My potted Meyer lemon tree is safely inside under a grow light and seems reasonably happy (no spider mites so far). The two lemons that survived the fruit drop have finally matured. Last year I actually got five lemons from the tree (a tiny harvest to you temperate climate gardeners lucky enough to have a full size Meyer lemon growing in your yard, but significant to me). The harvest this year is smaller but the lemons were large to my eye (2.75 in. diameter and 6.1 oz./176 g. weight). One was turned into a lemon meringue pie (recipe here) for our Christmas dinner. It was not chocolate so I expected protests from the wife, but it turned out to be a big hit. It was Christmas and my own lemon so I  ignored the carb content for the day and enjoyed it just as much. Now I have to find another use for the second lemon for New Year’s Day dinner.




  1. It's so cute! No, it's really perfect. But you are so right, I totally take my prolific Meyer lemon tree for granted. The lemons fall off and rot faster than I can use them. Did you know that chocolate and Meyer lemons are fantastic together? There a tart that I make that has a sweet short dough that you spread a layer of bittersweet chocolate into and then fill it with meyer lemon curd. It is definitely worth falling off the low carb wagon for.

    1. Great idea, Michelle, I think that will do it. I used to make a strawberry tart using tiny, perfect strawberries from the local PYO farm, arranged in a tart shell coated in chocolate and glazed with red currant jelly. That was always a hit.


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