Monday, June 17, 2013

Harvest Monday–17 June2013


Despite all of the rain (12-14 inches) the past 10 days, the garden has been hanging in there. I do think the plants would really, really enjoy seeing the sun again. At least the raised beds have kept them from being submerged in the puddles, see here. The community gardens are officially in a wetland, about 30 feet from Great Brook and the water table is maybe 2 feet down. With all the rain the soil is super-saturated and the least amount of rain will just puddle if it can’t run downhill toward the brook. So the Girl Scouts and I are high and dry in our raised bed gardens, we just have to garden in our galoshes. And you do have to be careful when stooping not to dip your posterior in the water (don’t ask how I know that). Our neighbors in the garden are not so lucky.




I did harvest quite a bit last week, enough to overfill the refrigerator. I didn’t cut any lettuce because I still have bags in the refrigerator, but I am going to cut some this week so my wife can take it to work. Other things did have to be harvested. The tatsoi below came from squares where my eggplant is going to go this week. The flea beetle damage on the older leaves is obvious.




A pair of Win-Win pac choi were looking like they might bolt so I cut them. They are destined for soup and stir fries.




I got a nice pile of garlic scapes, my first ever, and a pile of herbs, The broccoli is a tiny head of Purple Peacock which was starting to open, so I harvested it.




As I cut the purplish head from the very green Purple Peacock below, I was surprised to see it had already started to send out a bunch of side shoots. You can see at least three side shoots in the photo. This is my first year growing this variety so I have no idea what to expect from it. The leaves are also supposed to be edible just like kale.




There were some other surprises in the garden. Below you can see the only kohlrabi in 4 squares that actually germinated, and it is actively growing now and starting to form a bulb. So it looks like I may actually get a kohlrabi this year, although I do plan to plant more for the fall. Since the kohlrabies didn’t germinate, I put some radicchio transplants in their squares. The one below is now starting to form a head. So far they have been completely resistant to flea beetles and slugs, maybe too bitter?




Another radicchio making good use of the square forfeited by the kohlrabies, below. The spinach in the adjacent squares are not happy, not bolting but not the deep green they were. Maybe lack of sun or a foot of rain washing nutrients out of the soil? Time for some fish emulsion fertilizer, and some sunlight, please.




That is what is happening here in Soggy Bottoms. To see what other gardeners are harvesting from their gardens around the world, visit Daphne’s Dandelions, our host for Harvest Monday.


  1. Holy moly! That's a lot of rain! Can I trade you some sunshine for some of your rain??? We'll gladly take it here!

    Congrats on your harvests! how amazing to fill your fridge so early in the season!

  2. Our rainfallis looking a lot alike. Only I live in SAND so it pretty well disappears around here. Try to keep your posterior dry!

    1. HEHE It made me curious - You beat me. We are at 8.4" this week. Last week we had 5.6" It still feels like we could float out of here. Thank goodness for good drainage.

  3. That is a lot of rain and hope that your garden won't suffer too much damage because of it.

  4. Holy cow, you've had more rain in 10 days than I've had in 10 months!

    I'm starting to think that Purple Peacock is a bit of a dud. My plants look like they want to produce side shoots but they just don't seem to want to grow. It is pretty, even the green ones, but it just doesn't produce enough to earn a place in the garden again. I'll keep it a bit longer to see if the shoots grow, but I'm inclined to replace it with more Di Ciccio.

    Hope you dry out soon. And keep that bottom dry, or perhaps you should wear waders. :)

  5. Petty good looking harvest despite the rain. Any time you want to send rain our way feel free, we have been super dry this year!!

  6. Looking good! Nice pac choi! Your purple peacock is sure looking different than mine. I should post a pic. The leaves on mine have turned quite curly and frilly and it is a very tight bushy looking plant not open like yours. When did you germinate yours? I started mine in Feb I think.

    1. They were started 3/17 and transplanted 4/17. There is a huge variability in this variety.

  7. We are having an overload of rain too. You chicory is beautiful and way ahead of mine.

  8. Good variety for this early in the year! We've been averaging 3+ inches each time it storms, plus a hailstorm, though it looks like at least the cicadas passed us by ;)

    1. My wife is disappointed the cicadas won't happen here. I told her the local HD was stocking rolls of what they called "cicada netting" so it can't be fun to have them.


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