Monday, August 6, 2012

Harvest Monday–6 August 2012

Summer crops are abundant, including summer squash and cucumbers. Besides the three pickling cucumbers in the photo, I picked another three I didn’t photograph. Some of the larger cukes were made in to half sour pickles, which is a type of refrigerator pickle. I will post the recipe for the pickles later.


My first slicer is on the vine. This is Summer Dance, a hybrid Japanese-type cucumber that is supposed to produce long, thin, straight cucumbers. So far it looks great, I should know in a few days how it tastes. It is later than other cukes and took a while to get to this stage, but it is way ahead of Diva on the other trellis. It is supposed to be PM and DM resistant and so far that’s true, plants are still very healthy.


The tomato on the left is my first Cherokee Purple. It was served sliced with a drizzle of truffle oil and some chopped basil. Unfortunately, right now I have just one more fruit on the plant, which has stopped setting fruit during the hot weather. But my Big Rainbow and Pineapple plants have lots of fruit already set and close to ripening, so I will have my heirloom tomato fix for awhile. The other tomatoes are Juliet, Black Cherry and Sungold. I really like the Black Cherry and will plant it again.


The tomato at the bottom is my first Black Krim. Fruits are fairly small and the plants are not looking very healthy, so I may only get another half dozen of these. Taste was very good, almost smoky or spicy. The beans on the left are the first of the Fortex pole beans.


This is a two and a half pound pile of beans. With the other small pickings I probably harvested  at least three pounds this week, A few beans are showing halo blight lesions, but for the most part, the disease has not spread and none of the foliage is showing infection. So I should get my full harvest this year. Note some of the beans are a little large. These are ideal for using in stewed beans and tomatoes. See my prior post for a recipe.


That’s what happened in my garden last week. To see what other gardeners around the world are harvesting from their gardens, head over to Daphne’s Dandelions, our host for Harvest Monday.


  1. Everything looks wonderful - colourful and I do like your variety of cucumbers. I'm getting quite excited about growing a few different cucumbers this year.

  2. Delicious looking harvest! We missed not growing the black cherry tomatoes this year, and plan to add it back next year. As soon as our green beans came in, we've been enjoying them stewed with tomatoes...

  3. My cukes are doing well this year too. That's quite a pile of green beans.

  4. Your bean harvests are looking very yummy and abundant. Wish we were bringing in tomatoes like that too. Like you, I have two good sized cherokee purple tomatoes on the plants - but nothing behind that to speak of - only ours stopped because of cool weather, not from heat stress. Same affect though.

  5. I've never had a Japanese cucumber that I didn't love, they are my favorite cucumber for fresh eating, so crisp and sweet. Harvest them young before they develop seeds, I think that is when they taste the best, but that is just my opinion.

  6. Lovely beans this week! I'm missing having cucumbers in our garden this year.

  7. Summer Dance was a great producer here last summer. This year the deer keep eating my vines! That bean dish sounds yummy.

  8. The dark cherry tomatoes are lovely! Nice harvest.


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