Thursday, March 1, 2012

Planting List 2012

It’s now March and winter around here seems to be finished, despite a sloppy storm going on now. It is supposed to be 50 degrees and rain on Saturday so any snow accumulation from this storm should rapidly melt away. We had a mild winter, almost a record mild one. There is no snow cover to melt and no super-saturated soil to deal with. So one’s thoughts naturally turn to gardening. I have my seeds in hand and a new grow light. The planting schedule is in preparation. Here is what I am planning to plant this year.

Dave’s SFG Planting List for 2012

  • Basil
  • Bean Bush Provider (PT)
  • Bean Bush Fresh Pick (J)
  • Bean Pole Fortex (J)
  • Beet Bulls Blood (BC)
  • Beet Red Ace (PT)
  • Broccoli Early Purple Sprouting (BC)
  • Broccoli Di Ciccio (BU)
  • Brussels Sprouts (purchased plants)
  • Cilantro Large Leaf (PT)
  • Collards Georgia
  • Cucumber Diva (PT)
  • Cucumber Summer Dance (PT)
  • Cucumber Pickling Jackson Classic (J)
  • Dill Fernleaf (PT)
  • Eggplant Barbarella (J)
  • Eggplant FairyTale (J)
  • Endive Dubuisson (J)
  • Escarole Natacha (J)
  • Kale Dwarf Blue Curled, Vates (FM)
  • Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson (PT)
  • Lettuce Red Sails (PT)
  • Lettuce Buttercrunch (PT)
  • Lettuce Red Romaine (BC)
  • Lettuce Mesclun
  • Mustard Green Wave (PT)
  • Parsley Italian Flat Leaf
  • Pea Snap Sugar Ann (BC)
  • Pea Snow Oregon Sugar Pod II (BC)
  • Pepper Bell Red Ace (PT)
  • Pepper Bell Aconcagua (PT)
  • Pepper Jalapeno (purchased plants)
  • Pepper Thai (purchased plants)
  • Pepper Anaheim (purchased plants)
  • Pepper Black Pearl (PT)
  • Radish Icicle
  • Radish Cherry Belle (PT)
  • Radish, French Breakfast (PT)
  • Turnip White Tokyo Cross (PT)
  • Spinach Tyee (PT)
  • Squash Zucchini Dunja (J)
  • Squash Zucchini Costata Romanesco (BC)
  • Squash Pattypan Sunburst (Fedco)
  • Sunflower
  • Swiss Chard Orange Fantasia (PT)
  • Tomato, cherry Sun Gold I (purchase plants)
  • Tomato, cherry Black Cherry I (PT)
  • Tomato, cherry Matts Wild Cherry I (PT)
  • Tomato, Roma Striped Roman I (BC)
  • Tomato, Cherokee Purple I (purchased plant)
  • Tomato, Juliet I (purchased plant)
  • Tomato, Moskvich (purchased plant)
  • Tomato, Striped German I (purchased plant)
  • Tomato, Black Krim I (purchased plant)
Sources for seeds this year are: FM, Ferry Morse; J, Johnny’s; PT, Pine Tree; BC, Baker Creek; BU, Burpee; F, FEDCO.

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