Monday, October 17, 2016

Harvest Monday 17 October 2016

I was wondering what kind of foliage season we would have given the extended drought, but it looks like it is going to be a knock-out. This sugar maple in the woods behind West Burial Grounds in Bolton is a traffic-stopper when the afternoon sun lights it up. The photo does not do it justice. We are planning a trip Tuesday out to western Massachusetts to enjoy the foliage for ourselves, after being inconvenienced all weekend with the peepers out of Boston plugging up town roads. Hope they dropped a lot of $$ at the local orchards and farms.

There is not much left in the garden except for the root vegetables. I pulled the last few beets and dug up a leek for Sunday dinner. I sliced the leek and some Jimmy Nardello peppers and mushrooms and sauteed them, then poached some flounder filets from our CSF on top of the vegetables.

I harvested the first of the fall radish crop, with plenty more left in the ground. Since they grew in cooler weather, they were sweet can crispy with no heat. I would have liked to plant a few more things, but in August the garden was bone dry with temperatures around 100F/38C. The radishes germinate and grow quickly so I waited until temps cooled off and we got a little rain.

We did not get frost at the house but at the garden, 2 miles away and downhill, we definitely had some kind of event. The tomatoes are all dead as are most of the peppers. The survivors are the ancho poblanos, which are still loaded with peppers, and the Hungarian paprika, but none of them are really happy. As happens every year, one killing freeze and now the weather is going to be balmy for weeks with a high on Tuesday of 80F/27C.

This will be the last basket of tomatoes. A lot are green so we should be able to enjoy tomatoes in our salads for a few weeks.

The other thing I planted in August that actually germinated was peas. These are Green Beauty snow peas and the cold weather did not bother them. They are now flowering and maybe I will have a few peas to pick in a week.

That is what happened in my neighborhood last week. To see what other gardeners around the world are doing, visit Dave at Our Happy Acres, our host for Harvest Monday.


  1. That really is a pretty tree. I too wondered if the drought would affect the foliage, but it looks to be a great year. Your radishes look flawless, and the leek/pepper combination sounds great. Hope your snow pea crop comes in abundantly.

  2. That is a gorgeous tree. That's something that we don't see much around here, fall color. Come December the cottonwoods will turn bright yellow, but that's the best in show here, at least for native trees. Perfect radishes. For some reason the long French Breakfast types never look that good in my garden.

  3. Those trees are beautiful! Not much turning going on yet here. My main garden is downhill from the house so it often gets the early frosts. Those are lovely radishes too!

  4. That is one gorgeous maple tree! Our leaves seem to be turning later this year than normal. Your radishes look lovely and large. Why is it that after the first frost the weather turns warmer before really getting cold? Mother Nature sure likes to mess with gardeners!

  5. Yup, we have the same freeze/balmy weather cycle pretty much every fall. And even in my own garden, the frost is spotty, with some areas being affected worse than others.

    Those are some beautiful end of season harvests. I was planning on sowing fall peas but never got around to it - how lovely it would be to pick a few pods now! I still haven't pulled up any of my leeks - I keep hoping they get bigger, but at this stage, I suppose there's no hope of that.

  6. Oh my gosh, I would LOVE some peas right now, well done! And ditto on the killing frost then another week or two of beautiful weather. That is a lovely picture of the tree.

  7. Not much colors in the Hudson Valley yet but the colors are gorgeous in Adirondack. Jealous of your beautiful radishes I should remember to plant some next fall.

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