Monday, October 10, 2016

Harvest Monday 10 October 2016

The weather has cooperated and I continue to get a few peppers. The ancho plants are loaded with small fruit so we could use a few more weeks of temperate weather to give them a chance to size up. And it would be nice to get some ripe Lemon Drop peppers, please.

Still lots of cherry tomatoes. Boring but nice to have for salads and sauce. Elsewhere, the fall crop of radishes and peas are doing well. We have had a little rain, not enough to break the drought by any means but enough to be useful. I thought we might get some rain from Hurricane Matthew if it tracked up the coast, but then it did its crazy Ivan loop around. This week I have to start prepping the beds for the garlic and onions that will go in next week, so it would be nice if they were not bone dry to begin with.

While watching TV, I heard a humming sound and banging on the house. This is what I found in the front yard, a wild turkey tag team wrestling match on my so-called lawn. I am assuming these are a group of young male turkeys (they all had wattles) practicing their judo moves before challenging the Head Tom. The banging noise came from two of the larger turkeys taking their wrestling match up the front stairs until they were banging into the door.This was certainly an interesting change from the group of hens and chicks that silently pass through the yard almost daily.

That's all that happened in my garden last week. To see what other gardeners around the world are harvesting, visit Dave at Our Happy Acres, our host for Harvest Monday.


  1. I love the colours of your tomatoes, we've just had yellow and red, envious of your dark beauties.

    1. Those are Black Beauty and are very tasty as well as good looking. They usually get much bigger but the vines are done and I grabbed what I could.

  2. Looks like quite a turkey show. I think they are magnificent birds.

  3. That's a lovely bowl of cherry tomatoes. That's a shame that the rain didn't make it to you. We got about three inches of rain from the hurricane, but luckily we are far enough inland to avoid the flooding and high winds. It looks like you have an exciting wildlife show in your front yard!

  4. What a great shot of those turkeys! My Lemon Drops have been slow to ripen here too. I've got lots of green ones but only a few have turned yellow.

  5. Quite a basket of cherries you got there. I too am waiting for rain, ground is bone dry, the most we got was a one minute sprinkle.

  6. Banging up against the door?! Oh my, they are getting rough, aren't they? Best wishes for a few more weeks of warm weather for your peppers ...

  7. What a sight that must have been...much better than tv!

    Fingers crossed that you do get some ripe Lemon Drops. We had another frost last night but I covered up the pepper bed with plastic as I didn't get the chance to harvest anything. I'm actually thinking about potting up my Lemon Drop pepper plant as it has a TON of unripe, but fully formed peppers on it. I doubt I will keep it over the winter - had bad problems with aphids the last time I tried that - but just until most of the peppers ripen up.

  8. I never consider cherry tomatoes to be boring. They come in such an assortment of shapes, sizes, colors and flavors. And they are usually reliable and productive. And the turkeys are never boring either but they only come by here on rare occasions.


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