Monday, August 19, 2013

Harvest Monday–19 August 2013



The garden is in a weird place, somewhere between spring crops and summer crops. The lettuces and greens are gone, except for kale and chard, but a lot of the summer crops are not ready yet even though it is mid-August. Above is a Sunburst squash which is finally producing but the zucchinis are just starting to flower. The cucumbers have lots of flowers and bee activity but only the Summer Dance has set even a single fruit. The tomatoes and peppers produced an early flush of fruit but the weeks of hot weather caused them to drop flowers. Only now after a couple of weeks of moderate temperatures have they started to show signs of growth and new flower buds. The garden is starting to look promising again but I think I will run out of time unless we have a very warm fall.


The Red Bull onions fell over, several weeks after the Copra onions, and I pulled them last week. They were a nice size and I’m pleased with the harvest. The onions are now drying in a tub on the back porch where they will be out of any rain.




Other harvests included beans, kale and the Sunburst squash. I finally got to taste the Trionfo Violetto beans. The texture is firm with a nutty flavor. I liked them a lot and will probably plant them again next year. They are way ahead of the Fortex beans planted at the same time.






So while I am waiting for the squash and cucumbers to start producing, I’m planting fall crops as I clean out the beds. I have peas, radish, turnip and spinach seed planted and I have started broccoli, lettuce, choi, and kohlrabi in cell packs. The days are getting shorter and the nights cooler. Just hope these new plants get established soon.


That’s what is going on in my garden. To see what other gardeners around the world are harvesting from their garden, take a trip to Daphne’s Dandelions, our host for Harvest Monday.


  1. Beautiful harvest of onions and beans! squash and kale looks lovely too.

  2. Great harvest. Your onions look good. I have very few and they aren't very big. Beans look great too. Hope you get some summer goodies soon!

  3. It has been a weird summer here too, with an early heat wave that knocked out a lot of the spring crops and then weeks of cooler weather that slowed some of the summer things down. I hope you get a good long warm stretch of fall weather to help your garden (and here too!). The Trionfo Violettos sure are pretty.

  4. Those purple beans really do look nice, I'm assuming those are the Trionfo Violettos? Your onions look great too! Good luck with the cukes, mine are finally kicking into production now. The summer crops really have been a little slow to get going this year!

  5. Weird summers all around, I think. Your onions sure are gorgeous, though. I do hope ours fare as well!

  6. Maybe we'll get what we call an "indian summer" - that's to say a really warm Autumn. Sometimes the best weather of the year is in September... In any case you got some nice beans!

  7. Good news on the prurple beans. So far they are starting slower than my Kentucky Wonders! LOL.That squash looks so summery it's hard to believe it's been cool there.

  8. I am hoping for a warm fall, too. It's just been too cold this summer. :-( At least your squash are starting to come around, I hope!


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