Sunday, June 23, 2013

Harvest Monday–24 Jun 2013

Today I am on the road, driving to Missouri to visit family (so I will be a bit out of touch for over a week). I will be travelling from Monsoon Alley to Tornado Alley, and I’m not sure that is an improvement. We continue to have a lot of rain, but at least we are getting some sun and warmth now. Last week, as of Wednesday, Bolton received another 5.6 inches of rain in the previous 7 days. Add that to the previous week and we have received 16.3 inches (41.4 cm) of rain in just two weeks. At least we now have some sun and heat with an occasional thunderstorm, so plants that didn't rot are now perking up a bit.


I still don’t have an ID for the fungal disease contracted by my peppers, but in one day it spread down 15 feet of row to affect all 22 of my pepper plants. I was worried I would lose all my peppers (most of which are special choices I started from seeds back in March and have babied all this time). I had some leftover copper spray I used on Saturday and went back on Monday with a fresh gallon of spray. I found the peppers much improved after the initial spray. So I decide to give the plants a chance. I removed the disease leaves and then sprayed heavily with copper. Looks like I may save my plants and even get a few peppers.




You can see the lesions on the lower leaf but all of the grey-brown blotches are gone.




The Aconcagua peppers, which were badly affected, stripped of their infected lower leaves. There are lots of tiny leaves emerging from the leaf axils which will replace the lost foliage.




Meanwhile, I was still harvesting produce from the rest of the garden. Broccoli and a few scapes and snow peas, above.




The last of the Choi and the first of the Flamingo chard.




New Red Fire lettuce and the first big batch of snow peas, with a few of the first snap peas.




Broccoli, more snow peas, and a few small fava beans We tried these tossed in olive oil and grilled, but the jury is out on whether we liked the favas that way. Oh well, I’m gone for over a week just as the favas start maturing. Hopefully the backup crew is up to monitoring them and picking them as they mature.




Four large heads of escarole. Three are given away and one is for me.




More lettuce and a large pile of scapes from the Red Chesnok garlic.


That’s all from here. To see what other gardeners around the world are harvesting from their gardens,please visit Daphne's Dandelions, our host for Harvest Monday.


  1. It looks like your peppers are recovering nicely from the fungal disease. I am sure that some sunny weather will banish it for good. The rest of your harvest looks great! Enjoy your trip and visit with family.

  2. Have a great (and safe) trip. I will keep my fingers crossed for you that the peppers pull back out of their fungal problem and rebound. It looks to me like you may well have managed it already - but only time will tell. Your greens seem to be doing just fine with all the rain though!

  3. Beautiful harvest this week. I hope you got that pepper problem under control. We have been struggling with our as well!

  4. Looking good. I hope your peppers recover well!

  5. It's our first year growing peppers, and will now be on the look-out for fungal disease. Safe travels, and hope your garden survives this week's heat!

  6. I hope there's less rain and no tornados in the near future for you. It seems like most of the garden is doing well in spite of the deluge. Have a relaxing and enjoyable trip!

  7. I wish I could identify the fungal disease, too, cos it's starting on my peppers now. But looks like copper spray will take care of it, thanks for the info. Have a safe trip!

  8. Your garlic scrapes are what have caught my eye! Our garlic is really struggling through this season so I'm feeling a little tender about your scrapes ;-)

    I do hope you all dry out a bit!

  9. Glad to see that your peppers are doing better. Hopefully they will recover and produce plenty.

  10. I hope your peppers pull through. They look pretty good so far!

  11. I'm especially smitten by this week's escarole, what a wonderful thing to be growing this time of year!


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