Saturday, May 18, 2013

A New Well in the Garden

The community garden where my garden plot is located is dependent on a shallow well with a hand pump at one end of the garden. Gardeners at the other end have to haul heavy watering cans the full length of the garden. We have the funds so we decided to add another well at the other end, which happened Friday. The big drilling rig caused a bit of excitement for the few of us lucky enough to be there. Here are a few photos:




Backing into the garden through the dismantled deer fencing, the heavy truck sank into the garden soil and got stuck. The drill crew had to go fetch large steel mats to place under the wheels.




Raising the drilling derrick and getting ready to drill.





Half way down through gravel, they encountered a large boulder left by the glaciers. Here the crew are switching to a rock boring bit. This slowed them down a lot and a one hour job became a six hour job.





The well is now in place and capped, waiting for a new hand pump to be installed. The soggy mess you see is the plot that is going to be used by a Brownie troop to grow food for the food pantry and senior housing. Hopefully we can get this cleaned up quickly so the Brownies can start their garden preparations next week.

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