Thursday, April 18, 2013

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I have been silent the past few weeks because I was so busy. I do seasonal tax prep and until April 15 it seems like I am a hostage, chained to the tax desk. And it gets crazy at the end.The tax desk becomes a confessional and Father Dave hears a lot of “bless me Father for I have sinned, I have not done my taxes for three (four, five, …) years.” And this year, April 15 was also a holiday in Massachusetts (you know, Patriots Day, Battle of Lexington Green, Battle of Old North Bridge, Red Sox Opening Day, and the Boston Marathon). A day that is normally a feel good day, a day of multiple celebrations, became a tragedy. We spent the day chained to our desks, listening to the radio and asking clients what they had heard.



All that is now behind me and I was able to spend my Wednesday gardening instead of doing taxes. In the morning I potted up my tomatoes and peppers, as I reported in the previous post. The afternoon was spent prepping the raised beds and setting out the lettuce and brassica starts, shown above. They are growing in 1 1/2 inch soil blocks made using Johnny's 512 Mix and I think they look particularly healthy, unlike the sickly starts I had last year using Burpee’s Seed Starting Mix made with coconut coir.




The raised beds were prepared by fluffing up the Mel’s Mix and adding compost. I also added some green sand, kelp meal, and blood meal to give the plants a boost and add micronutrients. The brassica starts looked particularly good.




Beedy’s Camden Kale.




Broccoli DiCiccio.




Broccoli Purple Peacock.




Collards Champion.


  1. Your brassica starts are looking good. Mine are going along nicely too and it shouldn't be too long until I start getting some crops which will be really nice. I've missed broccoli - its been a while because it doesn't do well here over our summers.

    1. Fall is a good time for brassicas. Mine were looking good until last night, which had temps below freezing. They look a little sad today, everything but the escarole. In late summer/early fall around here you don't get freezing overnight temps, while spring planting is a gamble.

  2. As a CPA who started out working in public accounting - I totally get the excitement of having tax season come to it's grueling end. I have been in government/industry for a very long time now, but fondly remember the relief of getting through yet another tax season.

    Your seedlings look excellent Dave! I like the 512 mix too. The coir mixes are pathetic in my opinion. Coconut coir makes a good basket liner but not a good soil mix.


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