Monday, June 25, 2012

Harvest Monday–25 June 2012

Harvest last week was again boring ol’ greens, but at least the peas are starting to produce. My radishes are a flop and are now bolting with no measurable bulb size. Given all the cool, rainy weather I don’t understand. On the bright side, none are showing signs of cabbage root maggot damage. I should have some white turnips to pull this week.

The escarole is being harvested now. This one went into Italian sausage with escarole and beans for Friday’s dinner.


The mustard Green Wave is looking very good and not showing any flea beetle damage. Mustard is often used as a trap crop for flea beetles, but I want to actually eat it. Maybe it is because the flea beetles have not been very present in the garden this year. I am keeping my eggplant sprayed or under cover and I just have  not seen that many after the initial onslaught. Last year they were early and continuous so you figure this year would be even worse, but so far not.

Green Wave mustard greens

More chard, Bright Lights and Orange Fantasia on the right. Some of this went into a Sunday morning breakfast frittata.

Bright Lights chard and Orange Fantasia chard

Finally, the snow peas are producing. This is Oregon Sugar Pod II and I like it a lot. The sugar snaps are flowering and I probably should get some this week.

Oregon SUgar Pod II snow peas

That’s all that is happening in my garden this week To see what goodies other gardeners around the world are harvesting, head over to Daphne’s Dandelions, our host for Harvest Monday.


  1. Great looking harvest! The peas look super good. Our sugar snaps were pretty close to a failure this year. Most of the seed didn't grow so we only ended up with about a pound compared to last years 7 pounds.

  2. Your yellow chard looks really good; most of the time the yellow stemmed ones in the Bright Lights mix are very small and slow growing for me. Love those peas!

    1. The Orange Fantasia is also quite variable. I have two plants that survived, one is the yellow-orange in the picture, the other is almost white.

  3. Love the snow peas. I am expecting to start harvesting sugar snap peas later this week and can hardly wait. The pea harvests are some of my all time favorites.

  4. If it all feels too boring at least you can be happy that you're getting lots of nutrients. They look great to me.

  5. Your greens look wonderful! I've just sown another batch of them and am counting the days until i can harvests chard again...this means I'm jealous of your "boring" greens! :-)


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