Monday, September 26, 2011

Harvest Monday–26 September 2011

Eggplants, tomatoes and peppers

Not much from the garden last week. I cut the two small eggplants the flea beetles left me. A third one turned brown before I got to it. A few peppers and tomatoes, plus lots of green tomatoes off of the now dead tomato plants. I cut the eggplants and then pulled the plants so I could clean up the bed that was infected with halo blight. It took me two hours to unwind the dead pole beans from the trellis and stuff them in a trash bag. Then I had to police the garden, picking up any dead vegetation on the ground or in other beds. Found out Sunday at the garden pot luck that three other plots in the garden also had the blight.

Green tomatoes

I got a lot of green tomatoes last week. Here are two pounds of them being weighed to make green tomato chutney. I used this recipe by Shaheen posted on her blog a few weeks ago (lots of vegetarian recipes there). It was easy to make and is very tasty.  I substituted Splenda for the sugar to keep it low-carb and that worked fine. The recipe made about a pint and it keeps in the fridge. First use for it was on hamburgers. It would be good on any grilled meat or with a good sharp cheddar.

Now head on over to Daphne’s Dandelions and see what others are harvesting.


  1. What beautiful green tomatoes! Sorry you had to police the garden! Next year will be fantastic , though, because of it!

  2. At least you don't suffer alone. You know it's not your gardenkeeping that did it. :-( Sorry to hear your losing so much at once.

  3. The end of season garden always has more pest and disease issues...plants are weary from the growing season and the bugs thrive on the warmer end of summer conditions. It becomes a matter of salvaging as much as you can. Good job using the green tomatoes...sounds like a good recipe.

  4. Those are some pretty nice green tomatoes! Especially if they came off dead plants! The tomatoes on my dead plants don't look that nice!

  5. that looks like a good harvest to me! lovely eggplants. too bad about the blight.

  6. Sad to hear you had blight but as others have said those tomatoes look perfect amazing considering they came off diseased plants...nice eggplants

  7. Greetings from Japan... Your tomatoes look big and healthy...I still have some left in the garden which I should harvest soon...


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